"We make a living from what we get, but we make a life from what we give"


“Its not about saying the right things, it is about doing the right things at the right time.” With this ideology in mind Youth Outreach programme is all set to organise a flood relief drive to assist the victims of Dharmasala Block of Jajpur District. The flood has affected the lives of around 4 lakh innocent people living in Jaipur, destroying farms, roads and the overall livelihood. This outreach programme is being funded by the events organised by Youth Odisha and the contribution of those who extended their support. The aim is to reach out to maximum number of people and provide relief in the form of food, clothes or anything that they require so that these affected people can start their lives afresh.

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" If a poor child cannot come to education, education must go to him "
The literacy rate among the underprivileged sections of society in India is less than 60% and this is directly related to the acute poverty that cripples the country till date. For India to become a developed country, each one should get access to education, especially the underprivileged.


Till date around 20% of the Indian population ie around 25 Crore Indians are still living in households with no electricity. This is a basic resource that is essential for the standard of living and until electricity becomes a common commodity in every house, India shall not see the bright future that it is aiming towards.


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shikhin soni

National Vice President

shivy gupta

National Chief Supervisor

Ayushi Varshney

Supervisor Event management and planning, National General Secretary

Anisha Sharma

Deputy Supervisor and National General Secretary

Deep Maheswari

Deputy Supervisor

Anweshan Mukherjee

Deputy Supervisor

Hara Prasad Nayak

Deputy Supervisor

sakshi Sharma

Head of Event Management and Planning Department

Anushka Waghmare

Secretary of Event Management

Indira Sathpathy

Head of Communication and IT

Divya Sharma

Secretary of Dept. of Communication and Technology

Ganeev Singh Kohli

Head of Outreach Establishment and National General Secretary of Delhi Outreach

Khushi Bharani

Secretary of Outreach Establishment

Ananya Chaure

Head of Content Writing

moksha mehta

Secretary of Content Writing

Varda Shelgaonkar

Chief Secretary to National Vice President and Head of Recording Department

Subhlaxmi Sahu

Head of Dept. of Recordings

Juktashree Das

Secretary of Recording Section

Ansuman Jyoti Prakash

Head of Revenue Department

Priyanshu Raj

National Finance Secretary

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